Benefits of Veneers

We all dream of having a beautiful bright smile, yet sadly for a lot of us, those dreams fail to become reality. Because of lifestyle habits such as smoking, excessive coffee drinking, excessive sugar consumption, and a lack of good oral hygiene, having damaged, discoloured, and sometimes rotten teeth, is far more common than it should be.

Even if your teeth are healthy but slightly discoloured and misaligned, this can still make you self-conscious about your smile. So, what can be done? Well, you could opt for clip on veneers. Clip on veneers are thin protective casings that cover the teeth, creating the illusion of the teeth being bright, white, symmetrical, and healthy-looking. But what makes them so beneficial? Here are some key benefits of clip-on veneers.


The great thing about clip on veneers is that they’re very durable and hard-wearing. They are designed to withstand a fair amount of punishment, and with proper care and maintenance, they will easily last a number of years. In fact, clip on veneers from a reputable supplier have been known to easily last upwards of a decade, which far better than most. Furthermore, as they can easily be removed before eating and drinking, this helps to keep them strong and healthy for longer.


Having permanent veneers moulded onto your teeth can take a lot of getting used to, and some people report that they never get used to it as they say they are always aware they’re wearing them. Clip on veneers however, are perfect because of the fact that they can be removed and replaced at the wearer’s leisure. Removing them is simple and straightforward, as is replacing them. That means that you can sit down for a meal, unclip them, eat, and replace them as soon as you’re done, with no hassle in the slightest.

Builds confidence

Let’s face it, if you have bad teeth, or if you are simply not happy with the look and condition of your teeth, your self-confidence may be lacking. In a perfect world, when you have your picture taken, or when you snap a selfie, you’d smile widely and boldly, showing off the perfect set of teeth. Instead, you don’t, as you close your mouth and hide your teeth from sight.

Clip on veneers help people just like you, to take back your self-confidence by giving you a healthy, white, happy-looking smile. The veneers look natural and healthy, and gives you the impression of having an incredibly healthy and aesthetic set of teeth. This builds confidence and your newfound confidence will be evident in every picture you pose in, and every selfie you snap of yourself.

No recovery needed

Some people go to extreme lengths for the perfect smile. They will have teeth removed and replaced with implants, which is a very invasive procedure that is painful and does require a lot of recovery time. Clip on veneers however, simply clip on and off at your leisure, with no pain or discomfort at all.